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Trend Session #6: Eight major changes on the horizon

Obernai, 05.02.2018

Trend Session #6: Eight major changes on the horizon

Watch Trend Session #6 on www.hagerforum.com!

We were pleased to organise Trend Session #6 at Hager Forum on February 5th. On that occasion, our speaker, the futurist Anne Lise Kjaer explored the main trends of the coming years through the prism of the 4 P's: People, Planet, Purpose, and Profit

Three takeaways:

  •  “The most important skill in the future will be emotional intelligence.” In a world transformed by digital technology and artificial intelligence, social skills and empathy will be what create work environments conducive to employee commitment.
  • "According to some studies, value-oriented companies outperform their competitors by a factor of twelve to one: values really do pay off on the bottom line."
  • "By 2030, 80% of our building materials will come from the circular economy.” New business models will appear and we will have to adapt.

In conclusion: Now that we know what is happening, we can prepare for it. "The future is not just somewhere we go, we create the future.”

To explore the future, we suggest that you:


We look forward to seeing you on April 16th from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm (CET) for a conference on the theme of the impossible, which opens Creativity Week.

See you soon!