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Trend Session #5: The Blockchain revolution

Obernai, 02.11.2017

Trend Session #5: The Blockchain revolution

The videos of Trend Session #5 are now online!

On 9th October, Trend Session #5, organised by Hager Forum, was held for all Hager Group employees. This particular form of event, which has now become emblematic, aims to explore future trends with an external speaker along with a testimonial from an in-house worker. This takes place in a compact one-hour format.
Trend Sessions are broadcast live on the website www.hagerforum.com and are accessible online to anyone interested, in French or English versions.

Blockchain can change the world
In her talk, Nell Watson highlighted Blockchain's transformation potential. This covers areas that are not limited to finance or smart contracts, such as the supply chain, energy, IoT or artificial intelligence. "Blockchain technology makes it possible to build a strong consensus. Everyone has access to the same information; the system is transparent and we are pretty sure that no third party can change this data."
The philosophy behind this technology is considered inviolable and is based upon trust and cooperation. It's a genuine revolution!

Revisit the video contents
To dive back into this fascinating and complex subject, we suggest that you can:
• Watch or re-watch our previous conferences
• Watch a 2-mn video on "Blockchain: an incredible technology"
• Re-watch the talk by Nell Watson during Trend Session #5 on YouTube.

We look forward to seeing you on 27th November from 1 pm to 2.30 pm (GMT+1) for a conference on cybersecurity. See you soon!