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The circular economy: an economic model for the future?

Obernai, 31.08.2018

The circular economy: an economic model for the future? Live talk on 28 September 2018


How can companies do more and better, with less? Using the circular economy! According to this booming business model: "Nothing is lost, everything is transformed". Its aim is to produce goods and services while limiting the consumption of non-renewable resources. Rooted in sustainable development, the circular economy focuses on responsible sourcing, eco-design, industrial ecology, the sharing economy, remanufacturing, refurbishing and recycling. Lots of concepts to discover at our Trend Session on 28 September


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In its Trend Sessions, Hager Forum invites you to explore the future and understand the upcoming trends. These short sessions consist of a talk by an external expert, which is then put into perspective by a Hager Group staff member. The session ends with time for questions and answers.


The circular economy: an economic model for the future?

"Extract, make, throw away": this is the principle of our linear economic system... And what if we could trade and produce based on a circular system in line with three main principles: preserve natural capital, optimise resources, eliminate adverse impacts? Service economy, sharing, cradle-to-cradle, industrial ecology, biomimicry, the blue economy: many companies have applied these concepts. And successfully! Explanations and specific examples will be offered during the talk.


Speaker: Leo Johnson, expert in economics and sustainable development

Leo Johnson is an expert in sustainable development, and co-founder of Sustainable Finance (PwC). He advises more than 50 companies and banks. He specialises in identifying environmental and societal megatrends that offer business opportunities.


The talk can be accessed live on our site

The session will be in English, with simultaneous translation into French.

Follow the Trend Session live on 28 September from 1:10 to 2:10 pm!


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