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Technical solutions

Electro-technology and Building Automation at Hager Forum

Tangible innovation

With its combination of innovative technologies and tried-and-tested products, the singular building also serves as a real life showcase for applied Hager Group solutions. Visitors to Hager Forum thus have the opportunity to get a tangible impression of what electro-technical installations and building automation are able to do today and in the future.

Conspicuously powerful: the distribution board
The building’s electro-technical core is its main distribution board that distributes energy throughout the building. In Hager Forum, the distribution board is not hidden away in the basement it is a central eye-catcher, it is positioned between the main entrance and Spark café. “Unlike traditional showrooms, we don't just exhibit our solutions, we demonstrate them in live settings,” says Christophe Fix, in charge of this iinstallation in Hager Forum. “If you want to see a perfect electro-technical installation for a complex building, Hager Forum is the right the place to visit.”

Smart solution: building automation
So what is the energy in the building used for? How intelligent, how smart can a commercial building be today? And how can a building be equipped to be both energy-efficient and comfortable?

The answers to these questions lie in building automation for which a true state-of-the-art solution was installed in Hager Forum.

Renewable energy: the photovoltaic system
A large part of the building’s energy requirements are produced in a most sustainable way by the building itself: 440 solar roof panels with a peak performance of 145.2 kW convert sunlight into electric energy for Hager Forum. Using Hager power inverters, the distribution board directly feeds the energy into the building. The system’s projected capacity of 150,000 kW hours per year is approximately 34 times as much as the consumption of an average household. More than 40% of the building’s energy requirements are thus produced in an environmentally and climate-friendly way.

Perfect interaction: Hager Group Brands
Besides outstanding individual solutions, one of Hager Forum’s essential strengths is the perfect interaction between products from different Hager Group brands such as Elcom access control systems, Berker switch ranges, Tebis monitor systems, Tehalit floor trunking systems and a new Hager arc fault prevention system. “Many brands offer good products,” says Christophe Fix “but, in Hager Forum, we demonstrate how very different solutions complement each other perfectly. At Hager Forum, this is not just a theoretical concept: it is a concrete experience.”