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Talk : Artificial intelligence for humans

Obernai, 21.10.2018

Talk : Artificial intelligence for humans 


„Best conference ever!“ During his talk on 15.11.2018 at Hager Forum, Daniel Hulme, our guest and expert in artificial intelligence (AI), took the audience on a journey to the world of artificial intelligence with his optimistic and lively style. Daniel succeeded in explaining this bewildering topic simply and effectively. He shed light on the impact it would eventually have on our future economy, environment, culture, ethics... as well as our jobs and corporate structures. His audience thrilled to the highly topical themes raised. 


Discover the talk: Artificial intelligence I Daniel Hulme

Machine Learning. Cobots. Virtual Reality. These and many other topics relating to artificial intelligence are apparently widely known, but what exactly do they mean? Will AI give us new impulses in our work? How to bring people and AI together to create amazing innovations?



Can artificial intelligence take care of decision-making for us?

After automation comes optimisation. To devise optimal decision-making processes, we need machine learning, deep learning, data sciences. However, for data scientists, decision-making is a very different set of skills than machine-learning. France, Germany, and Australia are very strong at this subject. But these skills in the field of "decision science" are often under-represented in industry. And the true trick to build systems that drive value in organisations is figuring out how to combine these three different technologies to achieve optimal decision-making processes.


Daniel Hulme’s Best-of 

  • “[exponential problems] They get very ugly, very quickly. Humans can deal with 7 or less, computers can probably deal with about 40 or less, but beyond that you need to get very clever at solving those problems. And this is the world of AI.”
  •  “When I go into organisations and the organisation wants to build an AI solution to replace or do the job of a human, I’ll go to the human and find out how they are making their decisions. What data are they using? And we use that as the starting point.”
  • “I think that AI right now is able to free us from these mundane tasks that we’re doing. And I think that’s amazing because it means we’re going to be able to go and do more interesting things.”


A few recommendations to better understand artificial intelligence and our future: 


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Dr. Daniel Hulme – Artificial intelligence expert, entrepreneur and university lecturer

Dr. Daniel Hulme speaks from the point of view of a developer, researcher and entrepreneur: he is Director of the Business Analytics Masters’ programme at the University College London, where he is also a lecturer and researcher, as well as being the founder and CEO of a company specialised in applied artificial intelligence. Additionally, he advises the government of Dubai on artificial intelligence related issues.