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Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things

Obernai, 27.11.2017 – 13:00 - 14:30

Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things: an impossible equation?

More smart, less secure?

We would like to invite you to our forthcoming conference at Hager Forum on the subject of cybersecurity.

The subject

Mobile devices, homes, cars, office equipment, factories, supply chains and even... urban or energy infrastructures: everything is becoming interconnected and "smart".

Indeed, with nearly 4 billion Internet users on Earth and more than 50 billion connected objects by 2020, the data collected open up incredible prospects for all organisations: improving customer or user knowledge, optimising processes and designing new products or services.

Provided that the data is protected.

This is of great concern to organisations, whose data represent the new "black gold", but also to users, who ask questions like: Where do the data end up? Who, or what, are they shared with? Can they be easily hacked?

If our societies rely more and more on data mining, what psychological, sociological, technological and security challenges emerge for companies, users and society?


The speakers

Jessica Barker

Jessica Barker is Co-Founder of a Cyber Security Consultancy. She works with companies and the media to decipher the human, psychological and sociological aspects of online data security.

Jamie Woodruff

Jamie Woodruff is an ethical hacker. He raises awareness among various audiences at conferences, but also works with organisations, at their request, by helping to reveal the vulnerabilities of their computer systems.

You can follow the conference live on our website.
The session will take place in English, with simultaneous translation provided into French.

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