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Creativity Week 2018 – You can achieve the impossible!

Obernai, 22.05.2018

Creativity Week 2018 – You can achieve the impossible!


Beyond creativity: exchanges, synergies, new projects and a stirring conference

Pushing back the limits of what can be done, that was the motto of the 3rd Creativity Week at Hager Forum. Within the framework of the international week of creativity and innovation, employees and external partners took part in an exciting and interactive programme. Here are the highlights of this event!


“Failure is definitely an option!” A suspenseful and inspiring talk!

Over 230 participants listened with baited breath to Cathy O’Dowd’s riveting talk – both on site and on hagerforum.com. “Interesting and gripping, with concrete examples of managing challenging situations.”

The first woman to conquer Mount Everest, Cathy O’Dowd shared her experiences as an adventurer, as well as the skills required to achieve the impossible.  “It is about the people, about integrating the different kinds of expertise in the group (…), thinking beforehand about how to facilitate good communication, the ability to have a flexible path while still having a focused outcome.”

She drew clear parallels between her experiences and the project management skills needed in corporate life.


You can watch highlights from this talk here.


A week devoted to interaction

This year, interaction became the unofficial theme of Creativity Week.

During the conference, participants were able to interact with the speaker by answering a questionnaire on their smartphones.

27 staff members from a great variety of departments took part in innovation workshops in 6 teams. Their challenge was to create a visualisation of energy production through solar panels at Hager Forum. With the help of the innovation team and equipment from the Hager Group FabLab, the employee teams were able to develop original projects. Their creativity was highlighted through exchanges as well as by diversity within teams.

All 6 projects were presented during a pitching event. Audience and jury voted for the winning project: a visitor experience. Hager Forum will integrate this project into its guided visitor tour next year.


Creativity Week took place from April 16th – 20th 2018, and was organised by the Hager Forum team and by Corporate Strategy, Innovation & Business Development. It has shown that the impossible can be achieved, if we make team spirit, communication, and flexibility our watchwords, and allow ourselves to make mistakes. Collective intelligence produces conclusive results! New ideas and synergies were developed thanks to team diversity. Our colleagues were excited to discover creative working methods.

These are inspiring outcomes, and we are highly motivated to begin work on a new, creative programme for 2019.


[Save the date] Join us during our next live conference on 31th May 2018.


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See you soon!