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Trend Session #4

"Company culture in the 21st century, agility through the people"

26.06.2017 from 1.10 to 2.10 pm


About Hager Forum

Hager Forum is a 6 500 m² open, collaborative space, where visitors can meet, exchange, train, innovate and shape their future with Hager Group.

To continue to grow and achieve its objectives, Hager Group has undertaken an ambitious process to change its corporate culture.

At Obernai, in the heart of the largest industrial site in the group, Hager Forum embodies this new culture through the experience it provides to its visitors.



A landmark building and idea platform by Sauerbruch Hutton

Technical solutions

Tangible innovation

Electro-technology and Building Automation at Hager Forum

Why Hager Forum

“Innovation does not happen accidentally”

The rationale behind Hager Forum

Visitor experience

Back to the future

Hager Forum exhibition concept and visitor experience

Live Stream

Company culture in the 21st century, agility through the people

What change should be made to company culture to move from the 20th Century industrial model into the 21st Century: to become more cooperative and project-oriented? What contexts and challenges do companies face?

26.06.2017 | Irène Papaligouras

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Video Gallery

“Generations at work: Reinventing the company”

Emmanuelle Duez, co- founder of The Boson Project, lifts the lid on the motivations driving the new generations and proposes innovative solutions to reconcile work, fulfillment and well-being. “We are at the end of a (corporate) model, we must reinvent one!”.

“Close your eyes to see more”

Eric Brun-Sanglard, who went blind aged 32, is now one of the most popular interior designers in the United States. He interprets space, materials and energies from a personal perspective. He receives requests from individuals, industry and prestigious teaching establishments to contribute his “augmented vision” which he makes available to users to increase their well-being.

“Love can do, how to transform learning?”

Knowledge is by far the most essential economic resource.” Idriss Aberkane, international consultant and speaker, takes us into the fascinating world of the economics of knowledge. What are the wonderful consequences of his approach?

“The future of work”

How new management styles, technologies and social innovations could transform the way we work in factories and offices.

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